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Cheeky Weekly: Father’s Day Edition

1) Cheeky cufflinks:

Available here.

2) Cheeky chart of beer types:

Available here.

3) Cheeky toiletries case (aka drop bag):

Seen here.

4) Cheeky camera you can mount on a helmet, wakeboard, boat, etc..

Available here.

5) Cheeky gift basket idea: The makings for a gourmet gin & tonic (Hendricks Gin, Q Tonic Water, fresh limes, cute vintage rocks glasses).



6) Cheeky wrapping paper theme: Mustaches!Available: here.

7) Cheeky class to sign the dad in your life up for: Homebrewing

8) Cheeky father’s day weekend activity:

Go camping:)

9) Cheeky Father’s Day snack:

Whiskey & beer cupcakes via Smitten Kitchen

10) Cheeky Father’s Day DIY: Map Covered deer head

Start with a kit from here & cover in maps or whatever suits his fancy.