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If I could do it all over again…

…I wouldn’t change a thing.  However, if I could plan a wedding for someone else, I would probably be pretty annoying and try to force them to have a turquoise wedding.


I Do (really wish I was invited)

There is something about not being able to have something that makes you want it that much more.  One thing I will NEVER have again (because I am rediculously crazy in love with my husband & beacause my parents/I could never afford to do it again) is a wedding.  I loved my wedding and it was absolutely exactly what I wanted.  It was a magical day and everything came together perfect.  But if I could do it again (not over) I would have a fall wedding and it would be just like Jessica Claire & Jeff Norwood’s wedding featured on Jose Villa’s Blog.  I die for every single picture.  My Favorites:

jose villa 1

jose villa 2jose villa 4jose villa 3

jose villa 5jose villa 6