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Father’s Day



Our garden is somehow thriving.  Its a miracle!  We’re already up to our eyeballs in squash and, the best part, squash blossoms!  We made a yummy breakfast with both of the aforementioned and a bunch of herbs. It’s one of my biggest pleasures so far living in our house, cooking from our garden.








Being as how this was Sean’s first father’s day (In my book at least.  He is skeptical of my interpretation of the rules), I told him to pick what he wanted to do and we’d do it.  Shock of shockers, he picked to go to a brewery.  He got to drink some tasty beverages and had a ready and willing designated driver with him (I think he’s going to be slightly bummed when I’m no longer preggo).  We had an amazing lunch at the tiny but delish and stylish Bell St. Farms in Los Alamos.  Its a must-do if you are in the santa ynez/santa barbara/los alamos area.  Lastly we made a pretty epic dessert.  Recipe here in case your interested.  I can’t wait to celebrate again next  year with our little Hazelnut in tow.


Mama’s House

My mom and Brian’s house is SO close to bring finished! The cabinets are coming on Monday and then the lighting needs to be hung and the tile laid around the cabinetry and countertops fabricated.











Thoughts on Space

When we were originally thinking about how we wanted our house to feel and flow and function for us way back in October, we really surprised ourselves with what we came up with.  We both kind of gravitated to allocating the majority of the space to the “workhorse” areas of the house such as the kitchen, laundry room, and closets and then also to areas such as the porch and entryway, which really don’t serve much functional purpose at all but give a home that certain old-timey cool feeling.  There is just something about an entryway with an exposed staircase that gets my heart going.  It almost seems counter intuitive to allocate the space in the way we choose, because you do spend a majority of time in the living room  and bedrooms; however, we felt that in those times, you wanted to be cozy and close and that the more room we had in those areas, the more “stuff” we would need to make it feel lived in.  We also wanted to alleviate as much stress and clutter as possible and having plenty of room to spread out and do the laundry and a plenty of room to put the clean clothes away just sounded so nice. I really hope we made good decisions for a functional home that works with us and not against us and I really hope that our living room isn’t too small, lol.

Here are some of our inspirations for a house that combines function with form:


entry kitchen 2 kitchen laundry roomcubbies

kida bath

master bath 2 master bath

Quick & Dirty

I’m blogging live from my mom & Brian’s house this morning. They have walls!!! It’s unbelievable how fast it all goes once you break ground. Just from what’s here now, I can picture it all and were dreaming of all of the fun that will be had here. It’s gonna be amazing!




The Ones That Got Away – Part 1

Remember when I said that there was a whole bunch of crazy involved in our house search?  Well, this house stands out above all the rest.  It was basically uninhabitable and we were going to have to gut the whole thing but it had some funny features worth sharing:

photo 1Feature A: Collage Carpet

photo 2Feature B: Wallpaper in the Shower!  How does that even work?

photo 3Feature C: Carpet in the Kitchen. Mmmm, yummy.

photo 4Feature D: Bathroom sink in the bedroom

I love looking through all my old house hunting pictures.  It totally validates all of the stress & waiting of building.