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Our Life in Instagram: May

Tar being his sleepy self

champagne on Mother’s Day

waiting patiently for the ice cream to be done;)

my cute hubby at his graduation, so proud!

Sean’s sweet parents

post-graduation ceremony

showing off the tassel

my fave beer at the moment

very first blackberry & it tasted so good (Sean & I shared)

picture of a picture & my favorite new toy

our sweet $50 K-mart pool

memorial day beverages

pretty Lilly…muggin’

thrifted Reader’s Digest books with lovely binding and covers

DIY: sparkle manicure (blogging about this soon)

our nightly ritual of gin rummy.  nothing like a little intense rivalry before bed to keep a marriage lively, lol.


Almost an adult

Friday is Sean, my hubby’s, 27th Birthday.  I cant even really believe he is turning 27, an age I have always reserved in my mind as being the age at which you ‘become an adult,’ whatever that means.  One thing that I have come to realize as an almost ‘adult’ (I’m 24) is that you never really feel like one.  You always feel like you are pretending and that you are perpetually 17 and goofy (if you were goofy at 17 that is).  I still feel like Sean & I are playing pretend that we are married, and there is no one that I would rather play pretend married with than him.  Were going camping and riding in the desert this weekend, and I can’t wait.  Last year, at this time, we were headed out to Mammoth to visit my aunt Jackie and celebrate his birthday.