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Our Life in Instagram: May

Tar being his sleepy self

champagne on Mother’s Day

waiting patiently for the ice cream to be done;)

my cute hubby at his graduation, so proud!

Sean’s sweet parents

post-graduation ceremony

showing off the tassel

my fave beer at the moment

very first blackberry & it tasted so good (Sean & I shared)

picture of a picture & my favorite new toy

our sweet $50 K-mart pool

memorial day beverages

pretty Lilly…muggin’

thrifted Reader’s Digest books with lovely binding and covers

DIY: sparkle manicure (blogging about this soon)

our nightly ritual of gin rummy.  nothing like a little intense rivalry before bed to keep a marriage lively, lol.


These photos are haunting me.

I am obsessed with this flickr stream by the very allusive Randy P. Martin.  I can’t seem to figure out how to purchase prints or even if he sells prints (other than the two he seems to have left that he already has printed in his apartment that he is leaving).  I want these photos in my home. Big. On the Walls. In every room.

They are all so good I literally just picked the 3 most recent ones to share.  Go check them out!

Photo Groupings

Framing photos can be shockingly expensive and I am always on the lookout for cheap and creative alternatives (always a favorite is finding mix and match flee market or thrift store frames and painting to match).  I loved how these two ideas could be done on the cheap, have alot of impact, and really show off the photos.

P.S. How cute is that little yellow pillow??

Champagne Wishes & Pastoral Dreams

My perfect life includes myself and my husband (and eventually our kiddos) living on a farm basically.  I want nothing more than to grow all my own vegetables, raise chickens for eggs, grow grapes and make wine, milk a cow every morning, and shear sheep in the spring (or whenever it is you shear a sheep…I have alot to learn).  These pictures by Valerie Shaff remind me of what I want to see when I look out my windows…lots of happy animals.

Just Precious

Next time I am trying to explain to someone how much I love my husband I am going to show them these photos, taken by Jose Villa, of a couple who has been married for 65 years.  I am in awe of the love this couple must have for eachother, agreeing to get dressed up and pose for pictures to honor their relationship at their age.  Soo cute! 

I Do (really wish I was invited)

There is something about not being able to have something that makes you want it that much more.  One thing I will NEVER have again (because I am rediculously crazy in love with my husband & beacause my parents/I could never afford to do it again) is a wedding.  I loved my wedding and it was absolutely exactly what I wanted.  It was a magical day and everything came together perfect.  But if I could do it again (not over) I would have a fall wedding and it would be just like Jessica Claire & Jeff Norwood’s wedding featured on Jose Villa’s Blog.  I die for every single picture.  My Favorites:

jose villa 1

jose villa 2jose villa 4jose villa 3

jose villa 5jose villa 6