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Life lately



Enjoying these little ladies that are impossible to get a non-blurry picture of.  Sean has been working away at building them the coolest chicken coop.  He seriously amazes me sometimes.  This thing is built better than our house! Chicken post soon to come…


 The cats are enjoying the bench we recently setup in Hazel’s room.


 A break from working to get lunch and some fruit at Avila Barn.



 Found some bedding on sale at Pottery Barn and jumped on it.  The exposed white faux down comforter was getting a little sad.



 Scored some cool old washboards on Craigslist for the laundry room.


Anxiously awaiting the delivery of this beauty that is the first piece of decor for the nursery.


 Spent this past weekend sanding, sanding, sanding a dresser for Hazel’s room.  And then stained it right up in about 15 minutes.  Its allllll in the prep.  With life too, really, huh?


 This pretty plant by the sink is making me really happy.  Just hope I can keep it alive…I tend to kill houseplants.


Terribly blurry picture but we had our first fondue in the house on Saturday night!  Fondue is kind of a big deal to us so it was a fun first.


 We’ve been planning meals and cooking from the garden a lot lately.


swimsuit - Copy - Copy - Copy


Stocking up on some swimming supplies for Hazel just in case it decides to be a nice warm fall and she decides to come out eager to hit the pool.  A girl can dream right?


Life Lately


Getting things together for Hazel’s medicine cabinet.  The cutest little supplies we hope we never have to use.


Shopping for some cute things for her brief brush with summer before it gives way to Fall.

20140617-133009.jpg 20140617-133025.jpg 20140617-133037.jpg

Sips & Songs on Friday night at a local winery.  For me, it was a little lacking on the sips.


The cutest little souvenirs my sister brought back from Thailand for Hazel.


Sean’s been doing a bunch of experimenting with his new BBQ.  He cooked a brisket one whole afternoon (above) while we were doing yardwork and we made the yummiest beer can chicken.  Also, it sounds weird but cantaloupe + seasoning salt grilled for a couple minutes on each side is AMAZING!  Got the idea here and loved it.


June House Status Update


There’s still a ton to be done and our to-do list is a complicated system of index cards and color coding (don’t ask) but we are officially enjoying the house!  Last weekend we tackled one of the bigger projects of staining the front porch and back deck and man does it make a difference having everything cleaned up and polished.  We had to do a ton of sanding and pressure washing to prep them for stain and we both ended the weekend sunburned and pooped but its done!




And then we commenced to put up some 4th of July decorations which really made me happy. I’ve been dreaming of decorating our house for the holidays for almost 2 years now and as each holiday passed us by and we weren’t moved in it killed me a little bit inside.  So you better believe I am going all out on good ‘ol Independence Day.






This past weekend we hosted a little blueberry pancake Father’s day breakfast on Saturday morning and spend the rest of the day putting down guerilla hair on the front slope. We originally were going to skip it but the weeds were persistent and I grew of spending 15% of my life weeding so we went for it.  Turns out, I love the way it finishes off the yard, it was crazy cheap, and I think when it fades a bit it will look less intense.








And just for fun, a little nook & cranny of the house that I’m really loving.  I think I need another week or two before I am brave enough to post any pictures of the inside of the house.  There are still piles (albeit strategic) in our living room & things are just altogether a little un-done still.


We’ve got some siding going on!


Please forgive the mostly crap-tastic phone photos but we have some siding on the house now!!  I love the way the house is starting to look with the trim and doors and siding going on.  Last Sunday, we spend the ENTIRE day from sun up to past sundown masking off the windows and priming the eaves.  At one point about 30 mins past sunset, Sean was up on a 24 ft ladder in the dark desperately trying to finish the last little section and I had to put the kibosh on the whole thing.  The roofer is basically waiting on us to finish up painting the eaves before he puts the roof on (so we don’t get paint on the roofing material) so we are going to take another day or two this weekend and finish up what we started.  Painting the house ourselves is going to be a HUGE project but its also going to save us about $10-13k, so were just trying to take it day by day and not think too much about how much is really involved.





Fireplace went in yesterday!

We drove by my mom and Brian’s house last weekend and countertop guys had left the lights on and it was just so magical looking I had to take a couple pictures to share.  P.S. Their preliminary final inspection is scheduled for next week so the end is near!!






And just because, a couple pics of my beautiful mama and the beautiful pre-flea market breakfast we had last weekend.




On Tuesday night I got to fulfill a longstanding dream to see Steve Martin in concert.  I LOVE Steve Martin. LOVE! And I love bluegrass. I was either laughing or in complete and utter awe of the music the whole time.  And there was wine. And sean. And family.  I was such a happy girl.




That’s pretty much all she wrote (for now).  Happy Friday!!

Portland Trip aka “That time we ate for 3 days straight”

Sean and I spent 3 days in Portland last week eating, and drinking, and exploring the beautiful city.  But mostly eating.  The food in Portland is EPIC, which is the reason why 75% of these photos are of food and/or taken at a restaurant or brewery.  The city is also so beautifully green and has cool little pocketed neighborhoods that each seem different from the next.  And the old buildings!  Loooved all of the old factory buildings.  We came across the coolest street (where Rudy’s Barbershop was located) that was all loading docks on either side of the street for a block or two.  I could have spent a whole day just daydreaming about what it must’ve been like back in the day with trucks coming in and out and things being made (what a foreign concept nowadays) inside the adjacent buildings.  While we were there, we got to meet up with one of my very first friends who I haven’t seen in like 15+ years since we last visited her and her family in Idaho!  So fun and so awesome how little she has changed in so many years.

We stayed at the ACE Hotel on SW Stark Street which was the perfect centrally located hub for walking almost everywhere.  20130923-141305.jpg




ACE Hotel is also conveniently located adjacent to (there is an entrance in the lobby) to Stumptown Coffee!  I was so excited to get to partake in a Stumptown Coffee out of one of their adorable cups straight from the source!


Happy Hours were our thing in Portland.  We wouldn’t stop at 1 either.  Too many places to try;) The couple pics below are of Saucebox, which was EPIC!  I was too engrossed in the food and my delish passion fruit drink to take pictures, hence the empty glass/mostly eaten plate pictures below.


Weird flash pic of the best travel companion ever.




Portland is basically the epicenter of craft brewing and we made it our mission to try as many of the city’s offerings as possible.  We very conveniently sat next to Ryan, the “beer guy” from Burnside Brewing at Saucebox and he overheard Sean talking to the bartender about bear and whipped out his business card and a pen and told us which ones to hit up while we were there.  Score!  Our first night we walked across the Burnside Bridge and had a sampler (Sean) and a glass of wine (me.  I know, shameful to have a glass of wine at a brewery right? At least it was a local wine?) and the beer and atmosphere was awesome.







The best bloody mary I’ve ever tried lives at Kenny & Zukes.  Comes with a housemade pickle, curry pickled cauliflower, and a pickled green tomato.


Sean ordered the uber-fun “spikey soda” which is basically a soda of your picking and a half full glass of vodka to pour it in.  I definitely stole more than 1 sip…



We attempted to go to the infamous VooDoo Donut several times, but each time the line was out the door and we just couldn’t see waiting a half an hour for a donut.  Maybe next time!


Sean got a jazzy haircut at the adorable Rudy’s Barbershop.  Totally got some inspiration for our house there!




The cutest store ever with the cutest slogan, “camp vibes.”


More beer.


We had the best ice cream we’ve ever had EVER at Salt & Straw.  Words cannot express how good it was! I picked one that was made with coconut milk (so it was vegan on top of being delicious), caramelized pineapple, and cashew brittle.


Rented a jazzy little red Audi from Zip Car one day to cruise around and check out the different neighborhoods.



More food. And drinks.


More beer.




We came back happy, broke, full and pooped after our 7:00am flight from Portland to San Fran and then the drive from San Fran home.

Sean basically has pictures of everything I don’t so tomorrow I’ll share those and some house pics. TTFN!

Perfect Weekend


This past weekend was the best weekend.  My heart was so full and happy by Sunday night. Not pictured: My best friend Cate and I hit up Food Truck Friday at Tolosa in Edna Valley and stuffed our faces, drank wine, and soaked up the nice summer evening on Friday night.  We had a sleepover which doesn’t happen nearly often enough these days and then went up to Paso Robles to visit our other best friend, Sarah, and have lunch.  It was so nice!  Sean worked during the day on Saturday but we had plans to go to movie night at a cute little local farm called SLO Creek Farms and it was a perfect night.  They played the Sandlot which is the perfect happy summer movie.  They had the cutest snack bar with cider and candy and smores kits that you could use at the firepit, which we definitely partook in.  I looked around at one point and had this moment of feeling like I was exactly where I was supposed to be, on that Saturday night at the farm and then just in general.  I love our little slice of heaven here on the Central Coast. Its not fancy but its nice.  It is downright beautiful almost everywhere you look. The people are warm.  And things like free movie nights on a farm with optional smores by the fire happen here.  Its a really good simple life we get to live here.  I’m so grateful!






On Sunday we went up to the waterpark in Paso to meet my stepdad’s son and grandson for some sun and fun.  I loves me a waterpark and it was so nice to float around the lazy river over and over.  And over.



We stopped at Barrelhouse Brewing Co. on the way home for a cold one and a cup (Sean collects cups and he tried to buy one here the first time we went but they were sold out.  Success this time though!).  I had the tastiest Honey Ginger beer and Sean had a Creamy Chocolate Fig Stout.  Its a really cute place in general with a full on beer garden outside and bands playing on the weekends. You can check out their website here.



Sunday night we took my Grammy out to dinner at Mo’s, her favorite BBQ joint, for a pulled pork sammy and then went on a walk on the pier.  Took some silly pictures and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset.