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June House Status Update


There’s still a ton to be done and our to-do list is a complicated system of index cards and color coding (don’t ask) but we are officially enjoying the house!  Last weekend we tackled one of the bigger projects of staining the front porch and back deck and man does it make a difference having everything cleaned up and polished.  We had to do a ton of sanding and pressure washing to prep them for stain and we both ended the weekend sunburned and pooped but its done!




And then we commenced to put up some 4th of July decorations which really made me happy. I’ve been dreaming of decorating our house for the holidays for almost 2 years now and as each holiday passed us by and we weren’t moved in it killed me a little bit inside.  So you better believe I am going all out on good ‘ol Independence Day.






This past weekend we hosted a little blueberry pancake Father’s day breakfast on Saturday morning and spend the rest of the day putting down guerilla hair on the front slope. We originally were going to skip it but the weeds were persistent and I grew of spending 15% of my life weeding so we went for it.  Turns out, I love the way it finishes off the yard, it was crazy cheap, and I think when it fades a bit it will look less intense.








And just for fun, a little nook & cranny of the house that I’m really loving.  I think I need another week or two before I am brave enough to post any pictures of the inside of the house.  There are still piles (albeit strategic) in our living room & things are just altogether a little un-done still.



The Garden: “The After After”

This weekend we went to town on finishing the landscaping. Sean’s parents and aunt & uncle came up to help us and we banged it out.  Installed sod in the front & backyard, wheelbarrow-ed 7 yards of pea gravel into the yard, finished the irrigation, & finished hooking up the water heater so we’ll have hot water when the gas gets turned on on Wednesday.  I still cant believe this is our yard…it changed so fast.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3) photo 3 (3)

photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 4 (2)

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4) photo 3 (4) photo 5

There’s still so much to be done but we were determined to move in Easter weekend so were just moving in.  The gas is getting turned on on Wednesday and that was pretty much the only thing the city had to hold over our heads.  We still need our occupancy permit but there are just a limited # of items that need to be finished for that so there is a possibility that we could get them done and legitimately final by Friday or we can always just move our stuff in and say we aren’t yet living there, which they really have no way of proving or disproving.  Either way, were going for it!  My mama is going to help me clean the place up on Friday and Sean and I are going to try to get some miscellaneous stuff moved and then Sat were renting a truck and (again with the help of our super awesome families) clearing out our storage unit!!!!  Praying everything goes according to plan and that by Saturday evening all our stuff is in our house.  I’ve set a hard goal for myself that I am going to find my baking stuff and bake these on Saturday night, along with setting up a little Easter egg hunt for our niece & nephew.  Easter will barely squeak by as being our first holiday in the house and I don’t want to let it pass without a little bit of festivity.

*All photos courtesy of Mama Mel.

Carpet is a game changer.






These pictures don’t quite do the carpet justice.  It’s really much prettier (and multi-tonal in gray and white) in person.  But holy cow does this make a big difference!  It all of the sudden seems like a livable house upstairs.  And gas is going to be turned on on the 16th so we are self-imposing a 12 day allowance to get things wrapped up, get signed off by the city, and get moved the heck in.  Our little army is coming over again tomorrow to clean and garden. Thank God for help!

The garden: “The After”






It’s still very much a work in progress (needs sod between the slope and the beds against the house and guerrilla hair down on the slope still) but its really coming together!  I’ve been going over every night and weeding and pruning and turning on the sprinklers until we get the timers setup and its just pretty dreamy to have my own plants to tend to and love.  I can’t wait for everything to fill in a bit and for the lilacs and the peonies to start to bloom!  Tonight I’ll take some pictures of the raised beds on the side of the house.  It was way too muddy last night to venture over there.  Our soil is like quicksand.  But worse.



And a cute one of Seanie just for fun:)

List of Glory – Updated 5.0

Since it was raining last night I wasn’t able to get pictures of the landscaping (which turned out Awesome!! Major thanks to the people who showed their love for us by the wheel barrel load!  Anyhow, here’s our boring to do list.  The house is too much of a mess and were too close to finishing to take any pictures to show in there.  I want to take some real pretty pictures once things are spiffed up.  I am going to be cleaning in the evenings.  Started last night and it took me about 2 hours just to clean our shower.  Construction cleaning isn’t the same beast as normal cleaning….and thank God for that!

Touch up painting (AGAIN)
Tape Trim
Caulk Trim
Paint Trim
Paint Interior Doors
Paint Exterior Doors
Install Hardwood Floors – 90% done so I’m checking it off. I’m a rebel like that.
Holes drilled in countertops and have countertops sealed
Light fixtures installed
Finish Grouting
Plumbing fixtures installed
Stair Railings and treads installed & painted
Baseboards in wood floor rooms installed & painted
Appliances installed
Carpets installed –  Scheduled for Thursday
Finish fencing on sideyard
Fencing along back retaining wall
Landscaping front yard
Pea gravel down on sideyards
Seed backyard grass
Build barn doors & tracks – After move in
Build out the closets – After move in
Stain front porch and back deck – Possibly after move in
Have glass installed in master bath

The Garden “Before”

20140328-104721.jpg 20140328-104730.jpg 20140328-104736.jpg 20140328-104745.jpg 20140328-104750.jpg 20140328-104756.jpg 20140328-104802.jpgWell friends, we still aren’t moved in.  And aren’t even altogether all that close to moving in. It’ll probably be closer to April 15th that we’ll actually be able to move in…but were getting closer. I’ve given up on the countown/the holding my breath until were in. There is just alot of work to be done and we just need to slowly and steadily get it done.  That’s all I can really say about that.  And when we are in, it’ll all be worth it.

We still have a couple small things to do inside (mostly get the stair treads and risers in and shave down the doors that all ended up being just a tad too low and then a million little tiny things that will take a couple days all put together).   Two weeks ago though, we turned our sights outside and have been focusing on building fences (which are 95% done now, woot woot!!!) and leveling and grading the yard how we want it.  Today Sean is finishing the leveling, finishing some raised planter beds he dug all the posts for yesterday, putting in the borders for the planter beds and grass area, and ordering a big ‘ol load of dirt/compost to mix in with our very rich(+) but very dense (-) clay soil.  We’ve rounded up the troops for the weekend and are going to try to get all the new dirt moved in and plants planted!  My mom and I have had the best time the past couple weeks visiting the nursery at lunch and making plans and then shopping for plants this past week.  Our garden vibe is sort of native/drought resistant meets farmhouse and I think its going to be pretty cool.  The lineup includes a couple fruit trees, a lot of herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, lavendar), euphorbia (which i just recently discovered and am in love with), olive bushes, native grasses, lilacs, hydrangeas, peonies, and azaleas.  I am plant addicted.  Pretty much all my birthday money has gone to buying plants and I am so A-OK with that.

So anyways, after a lot of unnecessary rambling, I wanted to just post these pictures as a “before” of sorts and then hopefully have an “after” of sorts to post on Monday.

Dutch Door Mini Post



I think the dutch doors are the thing I have been the most excited about, as far as the details go.  I am so excited to throw those puppies open and let the outside in while I’m cooking dinner or in the mornings (or anytime really).  Swoon!

P.S.  Please ignore the el cheapo gold knob on there…those are placeholders for the much prettier black hardware we should have on in a week or so.