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Jewelry Storage Solutions: Part 1

Still putting the finishing touches on the vanity we are fixing up and will be posting on that shortly, but in the meantime, I have been trying to come up with a pretty solution for organizing my jewelry.

Part 1: Necklace Storage

I want to come up with some hanging solution for my necklaces as it seems when I put them in piles, they end up in a giant knot that only my boyscout husband can untangle…and he gets tired of spending his evenings untangling necklaces.

Love the peg board and vintage knobs on this one.

Via: Say Yes to Hoboken

This idea is definitely my favorite, incorporating the twigs and some pops of color.  Swoon!

Via: Brass Razoo Boutique

The lace on this one is so precious but I’m not sure how I could make it work for necklace, maybe add some wire to the top?


Like the idea of using chicken wire, just not sure how easy it would be to clasp the  necklaces around it.

Via : Emily Edson Design

Part 2:  Coming tomorrow!


Putting Clutter in its Place

I am an organizing maniac. I don’t lay awake at night worrying about work, finances, or my having put off my new years resolution of getting into better shape…I lay awake at night thinking about how our garage has become a disaster or how my recipes are in disarray. Disorganization, clutter, chaos…it haunts me. I am always hunting for ways to make the things that don’t necessarily lend themselves to a clean looking living space (such as chords, cell phones, jackets, mail, and office supplies) more attractive. A few of my favorite ideas:

1) Turn an old heater register cover into a mail rack:

2) Cover cords with wooden beads availiable at hobby shops or craft stores:

3) Craft a stylish coat rack out of scrap wood:

4) Create an organized place for all your office/crafting supplies by using inexpensive galvanized buckets:

Closet Envy

The rainy weather here in California is making me want to go home and overhaul our closet.  While some of these closets are definitely a little over the top, there are some good ideas to take away that can be done on a shoestring budget.

1) Organize clothes by type and then color:

2) Take a que from retail and use metal racks:

3) Incorporate a big mirror:

4) Hang wallpaper or a chandelier for impact and color:

5) Use dividers and bins for accessories:

6) Use an old armoire or bookshelf for shoes or purses:

7) Paint your closet black or add nailheads for a bachelor-esque feel:

8) Make like Carrie Brradshaw and let your closet get a little messy:

Write down the recipe please…

One of my magillion New Years Resolutions (why do I set myself up for failure like this??) is to organize my recipes in some logical way that doesn’t involve stained printouts off Food Network and faxes of recipe card copies from my mom.  Commence recipe organization eye candy…

1) Martha Stewart Recipe Box:

2) Rifle Paper Company Recipe Cards:

3) Cute little recipe box, card, divider setup:

4) Sunny bright recipe cards, a steal at only $5:

5) Printable/Editable PDF recipe cards and more for all you that are lucky enough to be not-technology-challenged:

6) Kitchy Recipe Journal:

7) And a must to keep all your hard work protected from pasta sauce splatters, recipe card sleeves!