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Supplies for Little Artists in the Making

I’m on the hunt for a cute little Easter treat for my niece and nephew (since sending a full on basket via USPS to Colorado isn’t exactly a viable option) and thought I would share some of my favorite findings:

Perfect for creating their own fairy tales are
these cool blank-slate books:

Image Via: Elizabeth Kartchner

Availiable at: Draw Your World

Getting their fingers
dirty (and likely a piece of furniture of two while they are at it) is required with these non-toxic, Eco Finger Paints:

Available at: Eco Art Works

My niece and nephew loves themselves some pirate paraphernalia so these would be perfect for scribbling on the sidewalks on a warm spring day:

Available at: Sunshine & Sidewalks


Only the Very Best

Looking for a super special Christmas surprise for the wee-one’s in your life?

For the dreamer:

Via: Anne Wood Handmade

For the Animal Lover:

Via: Velocity Art & Design

For the Future Fashionista:

Via: J Crew

Mini Masterpieces

Every parent has a different strategy for keeping drawings and notes created by their kiddos.  My mom had a special drawer for all our artwork where our masterpieces were stored after being displayed for a week or two and she kept and continues to keep notes we have written her over the years in her cookbooks.  I plan on adopting the cookbook note storage plan but really love this idea seen on Apartment Therapy for displaying a large quantity of your kid’s artwork all at once.  I think it could also be really cute to put them in order to show a progression in talent, lol.

Seen Here

Sweet Baby Jane

No kids.  No babies on the horizon. But man do I loves me some nursery decor.  I’m big into planning, so it’s never early to start gathering ideas…

Can you tell I have a thing with teepees, faux bearskin rugs, & photo groupings?

Stalling on a Tuesday

Thursday marks the day that we will finally have internet (Verizon aparently has an extremely long wait time for internet hookup) and also that day that I promise to start posting about the new place.

Until then, I’m stalling.  Look at these pretty pictures.  Happy F’ing Tuesday!

P.S. Forever 21 has some rediculously cute stuff right now.  And I am loving their current models and the hair/makeup styling.

P.P.S.  Have you heard of  I was probably the last person to know about it but its awesome!  Very good stuff for keeping busy on a monotonous/slow-moving Tuesday.