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Halloween at Home

Late…but better late than never right?

Here are some pictures I snapped right before our night-before-halloween party.  The “during” pictures would probably make a better post…however I think I might loose a couple very good friends very quickly if I did  that.  I pat myself on the back for attempting to make some floral arrangements; however, floral artist I am not.  They were kinda “off”.  In spite of my sad floral arrangements, it was a good party…people got tipsy, we took silly pictures, mission accomplished.


Guilty and Ghouls

Topic #1: I am a very bad blogger…I set my sights too high and have all these high expectations and then my type A, obsessive compulsive-ness keeps me from posting anything at all because it never seems like it’s good enough.  From now on I am going to just go ahead and click “publish” and not obsess so much over whether my home, projects, or pictures are worthy of being put out there at all.  Cause its my blog:) 

Topic #2: Halloween!  It’s almost here.  I’m Obsessed. I’m constantly looking for new and chic halloween decor ideas and this year is no exception.  Here are some of my favorites from this year’s search:

Frightfully Cute Halloween Decorations

Crow Candle: Pottery Barn $10.00

crow candle-pottery barn

Glitter Skull: Pottery Barn $19.00

glitter skull-pottery barn

Bronze Owl Trio: Etsy from TheVintageBelle $9.00

owl trio

Silver Candy Bowl: Etsy from SurrenderDorothy $28.00

silver bowl