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Adventures in Flower Arranging

As part of my self-improvement project, I decided to seek after some creative endeavors and pursue some things that I have been wanting to pursue.  So far, I have really loved having a weekly outlet and I am absolutely in love with arranging flowers. It is adding a whole new dimension to my garden plans for the new house because I want access to lots of flowers to cut and play with.  Here is a little recap of the class (we basically made one arrangement each time) which was focused on creating arrangements from a home garden with mostly foliage and some very easy to propagate flowers.  And even some weeds:)

Class #1: We focused on diving in and creating, with no specific style or method.  I really loved how this arrangement turned out.

flower arrangementClass #2: We touched on the Japanese Ichibana style of arranging with very few flowers, but with a more Wabi Sabi approach.  Wabi Sabi means to embrace imperfection.  Basically we took a very structured, minimalist, and calculated flower arranging method and let it run free a little bit. I had a lot of fun working within the constraints of Ichibana but it was definitely challenging.

photo 2

Class #3: We took principles from our Ichibana and Wabi Sabi lesson from last class but then combined them with basic floral arranging principles.  For this class, we brought our own vase and there was alot of gorgeous plant material to work with.


Hoping to have a house update in the next couple days!  Were still waiting on our permits but it should be very very soon.  But then again, I’ve been saying those exact words for months…