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Thrift Thursday

Sorry for the weak thrift Thursday post this time around.  I have been sick and wasn’t able to get out and about much this week.  Plus, pickings have been super slim lately at all my local thrift shops…hopefully the winds of change will blow and I will start finding some cool stuff again.  I hate leaving the thrift store empty handed.

In the meantime, check out some of the fun vintage goodies in my etsy shop!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Thrift Thursday

Went to a new thrift store last night and it blew my mind.  Giant!  I only had about 45 minutes until they closed and I just wandered in a dreamlike state for the first 20 or so.  Finally, I snapped out of it and made some purchasing decisions for both myself & the shop and and managed to snap a couple pictures of things I didn’t take home but kinda fell in love with.  P.S. Those cowboy boots were SO SO TINY!  So cute!

Thrift Thursday

I’m going to try to start posting some of the things that I find but pass on at the thrift stores as part of a weekly (or as often as possible) feature.  First installment isn’t too incredibly exciting but I took some pictures so I figured I would share.

The orange on this lamp was a super pretty coral/blush color in person. Overpriced at $25.

Cool coffee table with a reverse-Moroccan sort of shape.  $55

Two-tiered side table.  Somewhat mid-century in design. $25

Amazing shape, bad smell, ridiculous price.  $180

Sweet rattan chair if it were life size…but alas, it’s mini:(

Call me crazy but there was something oddly appealing about this canvas painting. $4

Adorable little school desk.  Still thinking about going back for this one. $35

Retro mid-century ice bucket.  Leather, acrylic, and brass (and by that I mean pleather, plastic, and aluminum painted a brass color).  $4.50

“The Most Overwhelmingly Amazing Place Ever” aka The Rose Bowl Flee Market

Sean and I were like 10 year olds at Claires at the Rose Bowl Flee Marlet.   We simultaneously loved everything but couldn’t committ to anything.  One must really go with a clear cut vision of what they are looking for in my opinion.  I had a mental list of about 10 things that I wanted to persue and that was way too many.  We ended up falling in love with something that definitely was not on the list (I swear!)….Vintage School Charts.  We (slightly embarrasingly due to the fact that we are years away from having kids) plan to hang them in our future baby’s nursery.  Long story short, they are amazing and were too cool to pass up.  Other things we fell in love with but didn’t buy were pieces of industrial salvage (wire baskets, metal bins, scales, crates), vintage flour sack pillows, and lots and lots of cool midcentury modern furniture. 

My cute little hubby proudly displaying our purchase.