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Etsy Finds: Forest Flair





Etsy Finds: The Perfect Straw Bag

On the top of my list of things to add to my spring & summer rotation, along with a felt floppy hat & huaracha sandals, is the perfect little straw bag.

Some of my faves (all from etsy cause I think vintage is the way to go here, newer versions look cheapy/cheesy to me):

Via: thegreedyseagull

Via: TheGoodVintageCo

Via: SallyLuvRose

Via: SkinnyandBernie

Via: wyomingrose

Via: thevintagehatbox

Black Friday

Instead of (or in conjunction with) going to a big box store on Friday, support local and artisan craftsman on Etsy.  I think that Etsy (and websites like it) have really closed the gap between the consumer and the entrepreneur.  Gone are the days of not being able to find what you want.  Gone are the days of being limited to a few mass produced options.  We, as consumers, really have great opportunity today to buy what we want, from people we believe in, possibly from craftsman close to our homes who have little overhead and are able to offer us a unique, high quality product for pretty darn cheap.

Here are some of my fave (black) etsy finds right now:

Persephone Vintage $128

Sparrow $6

Ninu $47

Beauchamping $75