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Portland Trip aka “That time we ate for 3 days straight”

Sean and I spent 3 days in Portland last week eating, and drinking, and exploring the beautiful city.  But mostly eating.  The food in Portland is EPIC, which is the reason why 75% of these photos are of food and/or taken at a restaurant or brewery.  The city is also so beautifully green and has cool little pocketed neighborhoods that each seem different from the next.  And the old buildings!  Loooved all of the old factory buildings.  We came across the coolest street (where Rudy’s Barbershop was located) that was all loading docks on either side of the street for a block or two.  I could have spent a whole day just daydreaming about what it must’ve been like back in the day with trucks coming in and out and things being made (what a foreign concept nowadays) inside the adjacent buildings.  While we were there, we got to meet up with one of my very first friends who I haven’t seen in like 15+ years since we last visited her and her family in Idaho!  So fun and so awesome how little she has changed in so many years.

We stayed at the ACE Hotel on SW Stark Street which was the perfect centrally located hub for walking almost everywhere.  20130923-141305.jpg




ACE Hotel is also conveniently located adjacent to (there is an entrance in the lobby) to Stumptown Coffee!  I was so excited to get to partake in a Stumptown Coffee out of one of their adorable cups straight from the source!


Happy Hours were our thing in Portland.  We wouldn’t stop at 1 either.  Too many places to try;) The couple pics below are of Saucebox, which was EPIC!  I was too engrossed in the food and my delish passion fruit drink to take pictures, hence the empty glass/mostly eaten plate pictures below.


Weird flash pic of the best travel companion ever.




Portland is basically the epicenter of craft brewing and we made it our mission to try as many of the city’s offerings as possible.  We very conveniently sat next to Ryan, the “beer guy” from Burnside Brewing at Saucebox and he overheard Sean talking to the bartender about bear and whipped out his business card and a pen and told us which ones to hit up while we were there.  Score!  Our first night we walked across the Burnside Bridge and had a sampler (Sean) and a glass of wine (me.  I know, shameful to have a glass of wine at a brewery right? At least it was a local wine?) and the beer and atmosphere was awesome.







The best bloody mary I’ve ever tried lives at Kenny & Zukes.  Comes with a housemade pickle, curry pickled cauliflower, and a pickled green tomato.


Sean ordered the uber-fun “spikey soda” which is basically a soda of your picking and a half full glass of vodka to pour it in.  I definitely stole more than 1 sip…



We attempted to go to the infamous VooDoo Donut several times, but each time the line was out the door and we just couldn’t see waiting a half an hour for a donut.  Maybe next time!


Sean got a jazzy haircut at the adorable Rudy’s Barbershop.  Totally got some inspiration for our house there!




The cutest store ever with the cutest slogan, “camp vibes.”


More beer.


We had the best ice cream we’ve ever had EVER at Salt & Straw.  Words cannot express how good it was! I picked one that was made with coconut milk (so it was vegan on top of being delicious), caramelized pineapple, and cashew brittle.


Rented a jazzy little red Audi from Zip Car one day to cruise around and check out the different neighborhoods.



More food. And drinks.


More beer.




We came back happy, broke, full and pooped after our 7:00am flight from Portland to San Fran and then the drive from San Fran home.

Sean basically has pictures of everything I don’t so tomorrow I’ll share those and some house pics. TTFN!


A Celebration & Meal Planning

Last night was definitely an eating healthy “off day” but man oh man was it ever the best meal!  We were celebrating my sweet Auntie’s birthday and picked “The Range” in Santa Margarita for the dark cowboy steakhouse charm and great food.  The decor is beyond charming.  The food is ridiculously good.  I wanted to get one of everything on the dessert menu.  But I picked the Creme Brulee cause I’m a sucker for a good one.

The RangemenuWe were celebrating this cutie patootie:

jackieAfter the meal we had last night and what I am sure will continue to be an unsavory food weekend, I am planning for lots of healthy meals next week.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday: Baked Herb & Pistachio Falafel

felafelRecipe here

Tuesday: Spring pea salad with Burrata + Fish

peasNo recipe for this lovely but I’m thinking keep it really simple with some arugula, fresh peas, burrata, garlic olive oil, and pink salt.  And then I’ll have Sean grill up some fish.

Wednesday: Indian Cauliflower Crust Pizza

pizzaRecipe here

Thursday: Peach & Roasted Vegetable Salad + Fish

peach saladRecipe here

Friday: Portabello & Peach Burger (on 100 cal thin bun) + Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Portobello_burger_6Recipe here

A Little Pizza Post

Who doesn’t love pizza? The options are endless…and so are the cute/functional pizza accessories. My favs:

1) Pizza Knife:

2) Pzza Crisper (Makes perfectly crispy pizza every single time) :

3) Your friends will love you forever if you bring homemade pizza over in these cute little pizza boxes:

Write down the recipe please…

One of my magillion New Years Resolutions (why do I set myself up for failure like this??) is to organize my recipes in some logical way that doesn’t involve stained printouts off Food Network and faxes of recipe card copies from my mom.  Commence recipe organization eye candy…

1) Martha Stewart Recipe Box:

2) Rifle Paper Company Recipe Cards:

3) Cute little recipe box, card, divider setup:

4) Sunny bright recipe cards, a steal at only $5:

5) Printable/Editable PDF recipe cards and more for all you that are lucky enough to be not-technology-challenged:

6) Kitchy Recipe Journal:

7) And a must to keep all your hard work protected from pasta sauce splatters, recipe card sleeves!

Bake Me a Batch

To be honest…I’m really not much of a baker.  But when I do bake, its usually for a special occasion, a party, or as a gift.  Hence the necessity for adorable cute baking cups, toppers, packaging, and the like.  Here are my favorite resources for acoutrements to jazz up your baked goods:


cupcake cups 3

silver trees


candy cane sprinkles



mushroom topper

topper multi


dot cups

houndstooth cups

stripe cups



Breakfast For Dinner

Breakfast is my favorite meal, especially when it is served up at dinnertime, and extra-specially when it involves some form of egg & some form of bread.  One of my all-time favorite recipe’s (and I actually came up with it on my own, even though I now know it is far from original) is a recipe that involves both!  It is so simple & you can use the remnants of the past week’s meals & switch it up to include whatever ingredients you have lying around in your fridge.

 Breakfast Casserole

Serves 4 People

 8 Eggs, Beaten

¼ Cup Cream, ½ & ½ , Milk, Crème Fraiche, etc… (Whatever dairy you have in your fridge)

3 Tomatoes, chopped

Lots of Chopped Garlic

Lots of Chopped Fresh Thyme

Shredded Cheese (½  – 1 Cup)

Day old (or even older) Fresh Bread-Cut into 1 Inch Pieces

1 tsp. Salt (or to your preference)

1 tsp. Coarse Ground Pepper (or to your preference)

½ Tsp. Paprika (or to your preference)

Olive Oil

Preheat the Oven to 400 Degrees.

Drizzle olive oil in the bottom of an 8 ½ by 11” Pan to coat.   Lay bread at the bottom of the pan to form a layer.  Mix together all other ingredients and pour over bread. 

Cook at 400 Degrees for approximately 45 minutes, until center is set and bread peaking out is golden.