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Making Do

If there is one thing I have loved seeing over the course of this looooong recession, it’s the sense of making do with what one has that I’ve seen people (in real life & in blogland) adopting a lot more frequently.  Picture perfect catalog type rooms have been replaced with rooms filled with found objects and diy projects.  And you know what?  I have found that I enjoy the latter much much more!  Borne out of necessity, I think people are getting more creative, more industrious, and more stylish on a tight budget.

Here are just a couple of my favorite “making do” projects:

More gorgeous than the most lavish of ice buckets.


Who doesn’t have an old hose or two lying around?


Sweet DIY letterpress stationary using mushrooms.


Re-purposed palletes & crates become lovely shelving with a little elbow grease.


Hand-stamped tea towels cost about the same to make as a piece of nice wrapping paper runs and last forever (er, a long time!).


Puts everything at Petco to shame!   Bonus: Cheap vintage suitcases are super easy to find in thrift stores, especially in less than perfect condition.


A family heirloom for the price of a 2×4 and some black paint.



Doily DIY: 5 Cute Projects

DIY instructions here

DIY instructions here

Unless you can read German, you will need to do a quick Google translating.  Once in your own language, the process appears  surprisingly simple, and the materials are available for pretty cheap on Amazon; however, I haven’t spotted the plaster in any of my local craft stores.

Via: Pinterest

No instructions for this one but I figure the process is basically the following: Find some vintage doilies (or new doilies), determine your layout, and carefully tack stitch them together.

Availiable here

No instructions for this one either but from other DIY doily rug tutorials I have read , you just need to find a doily pattern you like and follow it with heavy cotton cording and either a giant crochet hook or your fingers.  I’m hoping to finally tackle this type of a project soon and do a step-by-step tutorial for the blog.

DIY instructions here

This is more of a holiday project but, hey, it’s never too early to plan for the holidays!

Crochet Projects Que

Loving both of these crochet project ideas for their ease of construction…there is nothing sweeter than being able to finish a whole craft project in an evening.  Instant gratification!

Via: Finders Keepers Market

Via: Pickles Blog

Jewelry Storage Solutions: Part 1

Still putting the finishing touches on the vanity we are fixing up and will be posting on that shortly, but in the meantime, I have been trying to come up with a pretty solution for organizing my jewelry.

Part 1: Necklace Storage

I want to come up with some hanging solution for my necklaces as it seems when I put them in piles, they end up in a giant knot that only my boyscout husband can untangle…and he gets tired of spending his evenings untangling necklaces.

Love the peg board and vintage knobs on this one.

Via: Say Yes to Hoboken

This idea is definitely my favorite, incorporating the twigs and some pops of color.  Swoon!

Via: Brass Razoo Boutique

The lace on this one is so precious but I’m not sure how I could make it work for necklace, maybe add some wire to the top?


Like the idea of using chicken wire, just not sure how easy it would be to clasp the  necklaces around it.

Via : Emily Edson Design

Part 2:  Coming tomorrow!

Priceless Design Tip: Paint the suckers the same color and call it a day.

Whether its cute little containers you have saved from a destiny of rotting away in the landfill, or odds and ends vessels accumulated from garage sales, thrift stores, and flee markets, this is the perfect way to make sense of random containers and turn them into a “collection” that seems purposeful and worthy of being displayed in your home.

Via: Apartment Therapy

Via: Style Me Pretty

Via: Design Sponge (I think:)