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Do the Wang.

The Alexander Wang inspired side braid that is.

This provides me with some (much needed) motivation to keep growing my hair out.


I Cant. I Wont. But it’s Killing Me.

This is post #2 re: me wanting to cut my hair but needing to resist on account of once I cut it, I will want my long hair back.  But after spotting this picture on Aubrey Road its getting harder and harder. 

Wavy Hair, Thick Eyeliner, Freckles Galore…

…is my plan for Spring and Summer Makeup (Even though thick eyeliner is so not practical for Sring and Summer).

P.S. Something you should know about me…my name is Niki, and I am a Season Jumper.  As soon as one season arrives, I am over that season and already on to the next.  This is somewhat acceptable, if not actually necessary, when it comes to fashion…however, it gets a little dodgy when I am listening to Christmas music in September or trying to wear tank tops in January.  I just get excited for what to come and forget to live in the moment.  But I am working on it.  I waited until October for Christmas music this year.