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Life lately



Enjoying these little ladies that are impossible to get a non-blurry picture of.  Sean has been working away at building them the coolest chicken coop.  He seriously amazes me sometimes.  This thing is built better than our house! Chicken post soon to come…


 The cats are enjoying the bench we recently setup in Hazel’s room.


 A break from working to get lunch and some fruit at Avila Barn.



 Found some bedding on sale at Pottery Barn and jumped on it.  The exposed white faux down comforter was getting a little sad.



 Scored some cool old washboards on Craigslist for the laundry room.


Anxiously awaiting the delivery of this beauty that is the first piece of decor for the nursery.


 Spent this past weekend sanding, sanding, sanding a dresser for Hazel’s room.  And then stained it right up in about 15 minutes.  Its allllll in the prep.  With life too, really, huh?


 This pretty plant by the sink is making me really happy.  Just hope I can keep it alive…I tend to kill houseplants.


Terribly blurry picture but we had our first fondue in the house on Saturday night!  Fondue is kind of a big deal to us so it was a fun first.


 We’ve been planning meals and cooking from the garden a lot lately.


swimsuit - Copy - Copy - Copy


Stocking up on some swimming supplies for Hazel just in case it decides to be a nice warm fall and she decides to come out eager to hit the pool.  A girl can dream right?


Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy Essentials
Above are just a few of the lifesavers I have found during my pregnancy.  If you do one thing for yourself (pregnant or not!), buy one of these bump nest pillows.  They are HEAVENLY!!  I sleep like a bear during hibernation every night and have zero discomfort sleeping since I’ve been sleeping with this thing.  And if you do two things, keep a journal. I already get a kick out of reading my first couple entries from right after I found out I was pregnant.  I can only imagine how valuable these memories are going to be in 20 or 30 years when our kiddos are grown and we are wishing we were back in the “good ‘ol days!”  Slightly un-related….these are seriously feeling like THE days.  The ones I will look back on as the best ones of my life.  Early 20’s were way fun and being 17 and footloose and fancy free was the absolute shit but there’s something so fleeting and precious about these memories were making right now.  I can tell they need to be savored.  So I’m writing as much as I can remember (and for as long as I can manage to stay awake at night).