June House Status Update


There’s still a ton to be done and our to-do list is a complicated system of index cards and color coding (don’t ask) but we are officially enjoying the house!  Last weekend we tackled one of the bigger projects of staining the front porch and back deck and man does it make a difference having everything cleaned up and polished.  We had to do a ton of sanding and pressure washing to prep them for stain and we both ended the weekend sunburned and pooped but its done!




And then we commenced to put up some 4th of July decorations which really made me happy. I’ve been dreaming of decorating our house for the holidays for almost 2 years now and as each holiday passed us by and we weren’t moved in it killed me a little bit inside.  So you better believe I am going all out on good ‘ol Independence Day.






This past weekend we hosted a little blueberry pancake Father’s day breakfast on Saturday morning and spend the rest of the day putting down guerilla hair on the front slope. We originally were going to skip it but the weeds were persistent and I grew of spending 15% of my life weeding so we went for it.  Turns out, I love the way it finishes off the yard, it was crazy cheap, and I think when it fades a bit it will look less intense.








And just for fun, a little nook & cranny of the house that I’m really loving.  I think I need another week or two before I am brave enough to post any pictures of the inside of the house.  There are still piles (albeit strategic) in our living room & things are just altogether a little un-done still.



5 thoughts on “June House Status Update

  1. Jackie

    Oh my…WOW!! So much hard work you and Sean have put into your house and has it paid off “big time”! It’s charming, inviting, cozy…and the 4th of July decorations are so festive! It’s a picture perfect house I’d say…I think Hazel is one lucky little nut to start off her life in this sweet, sweet home!!!

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  3. topham auto

    Fek got me the closest ever to bursting out laughing in the midst of my coworkers“Watch the Hobo Play Doh Factory, live in 10 seconds from this very alley!”*turns milk crate upside down, sits down, and takes a shit through it*


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