List of Glory – Updated 5.0

Since it was raining last night I wasn’t able to get pictures of the landscaping (which turned out Awesome!! Major thanks to the people who showed their love for us by the wheel barrel load!  Anyhow, here’s our boring to do list.  The house is too much of a mess and were too close to finishing to take any pictures to show in there.  I want to take some real pretty pictures once things are spiffed up.  I am going to be cleaning in the evenings.  Started last night and it took me about 2 hours just to clean our shower.  Construction cleaning isn’t the same beast as normal cleaning….and thank God for that!

Touch up painting (AGAIN)
Tape Trim
Caulk Trim
Paint Trim
Paint Interior Doors
Paint Exterior Doors
Install Hardwood Floors – 90% done so I’m checking it off. I’m a rebel like that.
Holes drilled in countertops and have countertops sealed
Light fixtures installed
Finish Grouting
Plumbing fixtures installed
Stair Railings and treads installed & painted
Baseboards in wood floor rooms installed & painted
Appliances installed
Carpets installed –  Scheduled for Thursday
Finish fencing on sideyard
Fencing along back retaining wall
Landscaping front yard
Pea gravel down on sideyards
Seed backyard grass
Build barn doors & tracks – After move in
Build out the closets – After move in
Stain front porch and back deck – Possibly after move in
Have glass installed in master bath


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