The Garden “Before”

20140328-104721.jpg 20140328-104730.jpg 20140328-104736.jpg 20140328-104745.jpg 20140328-104750.jpg 20140328-104756.jpg 20140328-104802.jpgWell friends, we still aren’t moved in.  And aren’t even altogether all that close to moving in. It’ll probably be closer to April 15th that we’ll actually be able to move in…but were getting closer. I’ve given up on the countown/the holding my breath until were in. There is just alot of work to be done and we just need to slowly and steadily get it done.  That’s all I can really say about that.  And when we are in, it’ll all be worth it.

We still have a couple small things to do inside (mostly get the stair treads and risers in and shave down the doors that all ended up being just a tad too low and then a million little tiny things that will take a couple days all put together).   Two weeks ago though, we turned our sights outside and have been focusing on building fences (which are 95% done now, woot woot!!!) and leveling and grading the yard how we want it.  Today Sean is finishing the leveling, finishing some raised planter beds he dug all the posts for yesterday, putting in the borders for the planter beds and grass area, and ordering a big ‘ol load of dirt/compost to mix in with our very rich(+) but very dense (-) clay soil.  We’ve rounded up the troops for the weekend and are going to try to get all the new dirt moved in and plants planted!  My mom and I have had the best time the past couple weeks visiting the nursery at lunch and making plans and then shopping for plants this past week.  Our garden vibe is sort of native/drought resistant meets farmhouse and I think its going to be pretty cool.  The lineup includes a couple fruit trees, a lot of herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, lavendar), euphorbia (which i just recently discovered and am in love with), olive bushes, native grasses, lilacs, hydrangeas, peonies, and azaleas.  I am plant addicted.  Pretty much all my birthday money has gone to buying plants and I am so A-OK with that.

So anyways, after a lot of unnecessary rambling, I wanted to just post these pictures as a “before” of sorts and then hopefully have an “after” of sorts to post on Monday.


2 thoughts on “The Garden “Before”

  1. Jackie Carroll

    Your yard is going to be a fun ongoing gardening project…really like the way you’re laying it out and using raised beds long the side of the house…great idea. Love your plant selections too. I’m with you on being addicted to plants…I wander the sections of this cool nursery down in Bishop just looking and discovering and can leave being perfectly happy even though I didn’t purchase a single plant! Wish I could be there to help you with the planting…


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