Let there be light!











Most of these are pretty old pictures with a couple Sean sent me after me begging all morning.  It’s just been impossible to get any pictures because Sean wants to get work done while he’s at the house and not take pictures and myself by the time I scurry home from work, its dark in the house.  And the electrician hasn’t technically hooked up the breakers yet so these lights are currently just for show, not function. I love the sconces (even though they are a tad bigger looking on the wall than I thought they were going to be) and the flea market barn lights turned out pretty perfect with just a minimal cleaning, polishing, and re-wiring.  I was pretty adamant about no ceiling fans but Sean won that battle and we settled on fans that I actually really kinda like.

P.S. When I look at these pictures, I just want to clean the poor house so badly.


3 thoughts on “Let there be light!

  1. Jackie Carroll

    Love, love love the lights, bath fixtures, sinks…everything! It’s all coming together so beautifully! Glad you have come to like the ceiling fans…I think they look great and I happen to be a fan of them (uugh…bad pun). It’s looking amazing, guys!!!!

  2. Michele Healey

    The lighting is so awesome…….can’t wait until you’re living in it and I come over and see the lights shining through the windows at night!!! It’s going to be magical!!!!


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