2014 Progress Thus Far






At this point, it feels like were in slo’ mo’.  Even though Sean is working over at the house every day he has off and then were both working every weekend day we have, it still seems like nothing is getting done.  But alas, it really is…just bit by bit, piece by piece.  The countertops went in a couple weeks ago. It was initially a saga but it ended up that we were very happy and the countertops are really really pretty, especially in person in the morning sunlight.  We painted the garage three weekends ago, which completed the exterior painting adventures.  Two weekends ago we tiled the kitchen and laundry room backsplashes which was SO FUN.  Seriously, knowing what I know now, I would never pay someone to tile anything for me.  Its way too fun of a job to pass on.  We made it a priority to also get rock down on the sideyard of the garage so we could park our motorhome down there and this last weekend she finally made it over, in all of her glory.  Points to anyone who noticed that she is a “DOD” and not a “DODGE.”  The G and the E are floating around somewhere, lol.


Sean finished up the tile half wall in the master bath today and that completes the tile.  He also picked up half of the wood floors today and will pick up half later in the week so that they can sit at the house for a week or so and acclimate.  While the floors are adjusting to life on the Central coast, we plan to finish up the touch up painting that needs to be done. Then the order of things tentatively goes: install floors, caulk, prime and pain the trim throughout the house, paint the interior and exterior doors, have plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures installed, have finish guy come back to put the baseboards down in the rooms with wood and build the stair railings out, have appliances delivered, have carpet installed, and then somehow make the yard appealing enough that the city considers it “landscaped.”  Then while we are waiting for our gas to be turned on (which in our area has been running about two weeks out from the time you get your occupancy permit), we plan to build the barn doors and tracks, build out the closets, and stain the front porch and back deck.  I think my next post might need to be a checklist, Young House Love style!


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