Tile is Finished!





Sean sent me these pictures a couple minutes ago of the finished bath enclosures.  I kinda cant believe that I am looking at these pictures and that we are FINALLY to this stage. Our cabinet painter primed the cabinets today and should paint tomorrow and the countertop guy is fabricating the countertops now.  By the end of next week, we will be dangerously close to being able to have the electrician and plumber come back to install the fixtures.  But between now and then, Sean and I have a gillion feet worth of interior trim to caulk, prime, and paint and a garage that people are starting to think is going to be permanently goldenrod hardie siding primer yellow and that definitely is supposed to be white.  Along with a thousand other little things that keep me up at night.  Have I said recently how ready I am for the “construction” process to be over and to live in this house. I am so tired of clarifying which house I am indeed en route to when I am on the phone.  “I’ll meet you at our house….er, the house were building.”  It’s getting tricky.


5 thoughts on “Tile is Finished!

  1. Mama

    Oh Honey!!! WOW….you ARE getting close. I will help in any way possible as soon as we are on the other side of all the Christmas celebrations!!!


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