Moving Right Along


Were moving right along around here, albeit a bit slowly because of holiday stuff and weather.  We finally got around to sealing the tile floors and I’m so in love with all of them.  Laying the floors was pretty easy (with lots of help) and we’d totally do it again (with lots of help, lol).  We are having a tile guy tile our showers as that is a bit harder to do and involves floating the tile on a much thicker layer of mortar, etc. He’s supposed to start any day now and has promised to be done by the end of the week.




The finish carpenter is hanging the interior doors and putting the trim up.  Sean was thinking of doing this himself, but we got a great quote from a really good carpenter and are still going to save some money on the finish carpentry even with having someone else do it so that’s a double bonus.  Although we do still have to paint all of the doors…and the garage. So. Sick. Of. Painting.


We decided not to tackle the painting of the cabinets ourselves and hired someone who was recommended to us by our cabinet guy.  He’s masking now so we should have some painted cabinets any day now.








And just a bunch of other bathroom tile pictures.  The pebble tile is for the floor in our shower.

Not pictured: The garage is finished!  Cabinet fabricator is coming by today to measure for the templates for the countertops.  We ordered the wood floors yesterday and have all of our appliances and plumbing fixtures ordered but very very seriously need to start ordering some light fixtures.  We are having the hardest time deciding on light fixtures.  It’s getting really pretty darn exciting thinking about all of the hardware, sinks, faucets, and little do-dads that we have picked out finally being installed in the next couple weeks.

Also not pictured: Our yard is comprised of a giant mud puddle and somehow between now and when we move in needs to be landscaped.  Doh!  Also, I had a mini freak out on Sunday morning while working at the house where I felt like we had another years worth of work to do and were probably going to end up going bankrupt because of the house and then by Sunday evening I was a puddle of mushy goo in love so deeply with the house.  I cannot decide if his is the best thing or the worst thing we’ve ever done guys!  I cant explain it but its been SO SO scary, this house building process.  But I do think the worst is over.


2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. Laura

    Is that a cute little Christmas tree in the corner??

    Everything looks so great! Before you know it all the stress will be behind you and you will be telling everyone how easy and great it was to build a house!

  2. Britni

    I love your tile choices. And your shower looks like it’s going to be big and amazing! What color are you painting your cabinets? I love those doors too, the panels in them are so unique but classic!! I can’t wait to see your lighting choices. Ours are going in next week and it’s so exciting but also nerve wracking to see all the choices come together.


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