Rooftops & Countertops





20131209-164234.jpgI’ve been working on compiling a good general progress post but half the pictures I really want to post are on Sean’s phone so for now here’s a couple pictures of the black metal roofs and our countertop slabs that we picked out this weekend.  The carrera, for anyone interested, is actually (and pleasantly) one of the cheapest of the cheaps when it comes to countertops.  It runs about $15 psf.  The soapstone, on the other hand, is on the upper middle end of the spectrum at about $50 psf so its a bit pricey but its so farmhouse-y and so perfect for our scheme so were just putting it on island for a little pop.  The slab below is actually still in LA and we cant be 100% sure if its ours or not yet but definitely going with the gray/black soapstone and not the greenish tinted soapstone (although its lovely too just doesn’t go with our look).


2 thoughts on “Rooftops & Countertops

  1. Jackie

    Love the metal roofing over the porches. That so adds to the farmhouse style! Countertop materials are beautiful…the soapstone will be perfect on the kitchen island! Great choices!


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