Rocking and Rolling















A couple of these are kind of old and wordpress scrambled them up for some reason and I am too tired to un-scramble but things are really rocking and rolling over here.  Sean and I finished up the exterior painting over the three long days of veterans weekend and this last weekend we took all weekend to complete the fireplace paneling project we thought would take a couple hours:/  Funny how that always seems to happen…  We even got stubborn on Saturday night and spend the best $14 ever at Walmart on a worklight so we could keep working a couple hours past dark.  Even though it was a time sucker, I LOOOOOVE how the fireplace turned out and can’t wait to sand our putty and see it completely finished and in all its glory.  Last week the drywall was finished, the front steps and driveway were poured, and the front porch and back deck were put on.  This week is going to be the most exciting yet, methinks.  Our cabinets are being installed on Wednesday.  Sean and I went to see them last week just to make sure everything was looking good and they are gorgeous.  I am not 100% sure yet but I think that the garage framing is underway as of this morning.  We are going to start putting down tile this weekend.   I really cant believe were to this point!  I think I would be more out of my mind excited, but I am too tired and stressed for that kind of excitement.  Its going to blow my mind when we move in….I seriously worry for the amount of excitement that is going to descend upon my little heart.  Not sure I can handle it.


One thought on “Rocking and Rolling

  1. Michele Healey

    I can attest to the excitement and contentment of moving in to a new home after waiting sooooo long. It is almost surreal…I can’t wait for you to enjoy that day!!!! You have both worked so hard for it.


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