{Insert Clever Drywall Title Here}






Please excuse the TERRIBLE pictures but I figured terrible pictures were better than no pictures.  It’s getting harder and harder to get to the house in time to get a decent picture before the sun goes down, but I’ll take and post some good ones this weekend. Anyhow, it officially feels like a house now that the drywall is in.  And I am officially not sad to bid adieu to the weird smell that the insulation has and the incessant coughing that happens when I come into contact with it.   Next week they are plastering the walls and the following week texturing and then were free to start painting, getting cabinets in, and laying the wood floors and tile.  Yeehaw!  Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “{Insert Clever Drywall Title Here}

  1. Melody Buczynski

    The outside started looking like a real house the last couple of weeks now the inside is starting to look a real house. Yeah!!!!! So excited for you two.

  2. Britni

    It looks awesome! It really does look like a house now that the drywall is in; exciting! Are you installing the trim and floors yourself?


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