Until Tomorrow

I’m lagging a little behind reality with my posts and actually the house looks nothing like this due to the dusk to dawn paint session Sean and I had yesterday painting the front and back of the house WHITE!  We didn’t quit till it was almost dark so I didn’t have time to take pictures so I figured I would share these random shots of the back of the house, backyard, and pad where the garage will soon be.  I realized just now that I really haven’t shared much from this vantage point.





photo (2)

They started loading the sheets of drywall into the house today (on the first rainy day of the season, figures!) and are going to start placing the drywall tomorrow.  The main roof is on and the metal roofs will go on the front and back of the house in the next couple of days. Concrete guy started to put up the forms for the garage slab and stairs up to the backyard/house level today and then our grader will do the final back filling and leveling out.  Our contractor has pretty much finished up on the house and is going to move onto the decks and framing the garage.  Cabinets are being made and they are looking gorge!  Sean and I have to make about 7 thousand decisions on things cause its crunch time. Our to do lists are scary long guys.  Scary!



Be back tomorrow hopefully with some pictures of the house in its Sunday best aka White Dove by Benjamin Moore.  Painting the house white instantly made it look 100 years old…which is exactly what we were going for:)


3 thoughts on “Until Tomorrow

  1. Cate

    I almost started crying at the “instantly look 100 years old” part! I can tell (even wearing yellow) that it has such an old soul already! Can’t wait to see it in person!


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