We’ve got some siding going on!


Please forgive the mostly crap-tastic phone photos but we have some siding on the house now!!  I love the way the house is starting to look with the trim and doors and siding going on.  Last Sunday, we spend the ENTIRE day from sun up to past sundown masking off the windows and priming the eaves.  At one point about 30 mins past sunset, Sean was up on a 24 ft ladder in the dark desperately trying to finish the last little section and I had to put the kibosh on the whole thing.  The roofer is basically waiting on us to finish up painting the eaves before he puts the roof on (so we don’t get paint on the roofing material) so we are going to take another day or two this weekend and finish up what we started.  Painting the house ourselves is going to be a HUGE project but its also going to save us about $10-13k, so were just trying to take it day by day and not think too much about how much is really involved.





Fireplace went in yesterday!

We drove by my mom and Brian’s house last weekend and countertop guys had left the lights on and it was just so magical looking I had to take a couple pictures to share.  P.S. Their preliminary final inspection is scheduled for next week so the end is near!!






And just because, a couple pics of my beautiful mama and the beautiful pre-flea market breakfast we had last weekend.




On Tuesday night I got to fulfill a longstanding dream to see Steve Martin in concert.  I LOVE Steve Martin. LOVE! And I love bluegrass. I was either laughing or in complete and utter awe of the music the whole time.  And there was wine. And sean. And family.  I was such a happy girl.




That’s pretty much all she wrote (for now).  Happy Friday!!


One thought on “We’ve got some siding going on!

  1. Jackie

    Oh Nik…your house is looking so sweet! It’s getting that cozy farmhouse look to it. It’s impressive that you and Sean are taking on the entire painting portion…that is huge but I know you guys will do a great job! Maybe I can help some in my upcoming visits…I’m pretty handy with paintbrushes and rollers…lol


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