Windows are in!

This week has been my favorite so far in the house building process.  Were finally getting to the really fun part and it feels so good.  I am in love with the windows!  I think we threw a lot of people for a loop telling them that we were putting in black exterior clad windows but so far we’ve heard nothing but “I stand corrected” and “I had my doubts but this is going to look awesome” so I think we have converted the non-believers.

Here are a couple pics from last night:

left of houseLeft side of the house

photo 1 porchUnder the covered porch looking into the office

right of house (2)Right side of the house (Like the cat cameo?)

inside diningDining Room

inside entry inside laundryLaundry Room

inside living roomLiving Room (Door looking opening is where the fireplace will be)

inside masterMaster Bath

We need to make a ton of decisions this weekend, including the daunting task of picking out a white for the exterior of the house.  Seems so easy, its white.  So why do I feel like picking out a white is the hardest choice of all paint color choices?  We also have to pick out a bathtub, make some lighting decisions, and decide on a roof color.  I think were also going to hit up the good ‘ol rodeo!  Yeehaw! I hope ya’ll have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Windows are in!

  1. Jackie Carroll

    Oh Nik…it’s all looking fantastic!!! I know what you mean about white paint…it’s amazing how many shades (…or is it hues???) it comes in! BTW…do like the cat cameo!


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