End of Aug/Beginning of September Status Update

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The house is SO close to being all framed.  Plywood is going on the roof on Thursday. Front porch roof should be going up today.  Windows were delivered yesterday and will be going up one by one all week and probably into early next week. Painter is going to come out soon to paint the eaves and plumbing and electrical will start soon.  Front door and back dutch doors should be done and just need to be picked up and installed.  Things are coming along very slowly but very surely.

Sean and I feel pretty accomplished because we did some work at the house on Thursday night and on Sunday.  We moved the concrete cleanout station on Thursday night which was in the way of a retaining wall.  Basically involved hacking up a ton of concrete and heaving it into the back of Sean’s truck and then pulling up and relocating the hay bales and plastic tarps.  Sunday we pulled out a section of very old fencing that was also in the way of a future retaining wall and a very old and very deeply rooted tree.  Within a 20 minute span, I fell off of Sean’s tailgate while dumping off some concrete and wire fence at my dad’s girlfriend’s ranch to help prevent erosion in a gully and into said gully and was stung in the butt by a bee while in the car just as we were pulling back up to our lot to finish the job. Not. My. Day.  But it felt so good to accomplish some things for ourselves!

On another note, we have found quite a bit of old stuff on our lot, which was originally occupied by a house built in the late 1800s or early 1900s which was torn down sometime in the 80s.  Thought the bottles above were pretty cool!


3 thoughts on “End of Aug/Beginning of September Status Update

  1. Jackie Carroll

    Seriously there was a house on your lot built in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s! That’s kinda cool… and how fun to find those bottles! So exciting to see the house take shape…it’s looking really sweet! Great job on the clean-up too…even though it’s hard work it’s sweat equity in YOUR house!


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