2nd Story & 2nd Wind

This week has seemed pretty treacherous, and its only Wednesday night.  At my job, we moved our offices across the hall in our building on Monday and even though we had movers and it went pretty smoothly, I am still playing catch up because of the lost time.  I am also worrying alot about the rise in interest rates and the fact that we have a ways to go still and they could rise alot further in the next 4 or so months.  I think I am just realllllllly anxious to live in this house that I talk so much about.  It almost seems like a mirage, like it wont ever happen. And there seems to be so much that has to happen in the coming months…  But I know in my heart it will all work out.  I just need a second wind!  And as luck would have it, tomorrow night my mom, sister, & I are headed to Mammoth to visit my Aunt Jackie and spend 4 days hanging out, hiking, eating, and enjoying the late summer mountain sun (and I hear possibly thunderstorms!!!!!).   Anyhow, we do have a second story now!

photo 1Distorted view of the 2nd floor.

photo 2View out our bedroom window:)

photo 3There is now a wall up (which you can see laying down on the floor in the picture above) so this makes more sense now, but the master closet is on the left and the master bath on the right.

photoAnd lastly, a street view.

photo (2)We ordered our front door and dutch doors for the laundry room and kitchen from a local door maker a couple weeks ago and we went today to check on them and make a couple decisions. They look so good!!!  This guy is seriously such a blessing.

fd60d907ce9d752231818dc2d1c68693We also purchased our interior door hardware!  I am IN LOVE with it.  The brand is Emtek and the name is Old Town Milkglass in case anyone is interested.


2 thoughts on “2nd Story & 2nd Wind

  1. britni slusser

    I love your large windows, the views will be so amazing! And i’m with you on the interest rates, it stresses me out to no end. I just have to keep praying that they will stay stable for a while! Are you able to lock in at a certain point in construction? We have been told that we can modify about 2 weeks before the house is completed in order for the appraiser to do their work.

  2. Jackie Carroll

    I agree…the window placements really optimize your views…good job! Doors are really awesome too…cool idea to use dutch doors for the laundry and kitchen. It’s gonna be a great house…and you guys will make it an amazing home. Can’t wait to see you tonite!!!!! Please, please, please drive safely…love you so much!!!


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