Perfect Weekend


This past weekend was the best weekend.  My heart was so full and happy by Sunday night. Not pictured: My best friend Cate and I hit up Food Truck Friday at Tolosa in Edna Valley and stuffed our faces, drank wine, and soaked up the nice summer evening on Friday night.  We had a sleepover which doesn’t happen nearly often enough these days and then went up to Paso Robles to visit our other best friend, Sarah, and have lunch.  It was so nice!  Sean worked during the day on Saturday but we had plans to go to movie night at a cute little local farm called SLO Creek Farms and it was a perfect night.  They played the Sandlot which is the perfect happy summer movie.  They had the cutest snack bar with cider and candy and smores kits that you could use at the firepit, which we definitely partook in.  I looked around at one point and had this moment of feeling like I was exactly where I was supposed to be, on that Saturday night at the farm and then just in general.  I love our little slice of heaven here on the Central Coast. Its not fancy but its nice.  It is downright beautiful almost everywhere you look. The people are warm.  And things like free movie nights on a farm with optional smores by the fire happen here.  Its a really good simple life we get to live here.  I’m so grateful!






On Sunday we went up to the waterpark in Paso to meet my stepdad’s son and grandson for some sun and fun.  I loves me a waterpark and it was so nice to float around the lazy river over and over.  And over.



We stopped at Barrelhouse Brewing Co. on the way home for a cold one and a cup (Sean collects cups and he tried to buy one here the first time we went but they were sold out.  Success this time though!).  I had the tastiest Honey Ginger beer and Sean had a Creamy Chocolate Fig Stout.  Its a really cute place in general with a full on beer garden outside and bands playing on the weekends. You can check out their website here.



Sunday night we took my Grammy out to dinner at Mo’s, her favorite BBQ joint, for a pulled pork sammy and then went on a walk on the pier.  Took some silly pictures and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset.











2 thoughts on “Perfect Weekend

  1. Jackie Carroll

    Wow…somehow I missed this post. Ooooooh…that pretty much does sound like the perfect weekend!!! That whole area is a beautiful with so many fun and interesting places to go. Heck I get excited just to go to Avila Barn when I’m visiting…I could spend hours there…LOL!
    P.S. Grammy looks downright cute in those pics…did she get her hair cut???

  2. Melody Buczynski

    So loved all the beautiful pictures and the wonderful story about your weekend. Glad you guys had such a good Time. Love you.


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