2 Months In


Here we are 2 months into this and we have (I think) a lot to show for it.  We’ve learned that building on a small lot is so much more complicated than building on a larger one.  Everything, especially the grading, involves baby steps.  Grading took a lot longer than anticipated and being on a raised foundation added time as well.  But the framing has gone pretty steadily quick considering our contractor Kevin is working with only his partner, John.  I feel like we made huge strides this past week, with the 2nd floor joists going in and closing the house in a bit.  It gave us way more of a perspective on how the house will feel and the amount of light, etc.  I think the house will be all framed up in the next two weeks!








5 thoughts on “2 Months In

  1. Mama

    Went over last night after we locked up our house and we walked the rooms inside. There is such a nice feel to it just the way I envisioned it. That kitchen window is going to be so wonderful!!

    1. Niki Post author

      I can’t believe you have a house to “lock up”!! This means the end is near! I can almost smell the home cooked meals.


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