Master Bath Conundrum

Its so funny to me how I have always felt like if I had this opportunity, I would know exactly how I would want my house to look and feel.  And to some extent, I do.  Some decisions have been so easy  but some decisions have really been hard and the final choices have surprised me.  For whatever reason, the decision most alluding me is our master bathroom and what overall vibe we want it to have.  I used to think for sure I wanted all white. And then I really started to veer to bathrooms with a little bit of an old Parisian apartment feel, like these:

dream bath


I am really attracted to the variety in colors and contrast of white and black and wood.  I also love that there is an architectural element to a couple of the pieces.  My only complaint is that it generally feels a tad “old world” and we are going for a more modern take on a farmhouse.  That being said, I think our bathroom needs to marry the warm old feel of the first pictures with something more modern like these:

bath 2

bath 2

Its going to be a careful balance of the two that I really think will make a warm and inviting but still somewhat clean lined and crisp.

Key Elements: Black Matte Hex Tile, White Console Sinks, Architectural Mirrors, Antique Brass Faucets and Exposed Plumbing Shower.

black hex tile Console Sink RH Mirror


What do you guys think? Does this all make sense together?  I really question myself  some days and wonder if everything in our house is going to be a hodge podge and wont go together…


3 thoughts on “Master Bath Conundrum

  1. Cate

    I hear ya sister! It’s so hard to come up with a “theme” to stick to. I’ve developed the philosophy of “if I love each piece then they all go together”. If I love it, I get it. If I don’t, I don’t. Everything “goes” by default! The only things I hate in my house are the things I bought because they “fit” in the traditional sense. That being said, you’ve been to my house and its quite hodge-podgy…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    PS wait til you see the coat rack I made!

  2. Laura

    I love your style description of clean lines but warm and inviting! I personally am always intimidated by brass because I am still not sure how to use it. I love the look of it in store, but it always seems hard to know the “style” it fits into. This forces me back into those safe choices. I am always telling others how worried I am about a bunch of individual things I like not coming together harmoniously. No suggestions for that… but I feel ya!


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