1st Floor Done



The first floor is pretty much done, minus one wall separating the kitchen and laundry room which will be framed after the 2nd story floor joists go in.  This week the 1st story will get a ceiling and the second story will get a floor!  *See how I made one piece of progress into two there, lol.*


View looking towards the back of the house.  Laundry room to be on the left and then a wall and the kitchen sink will be under the window. You can see the openings for two dutch doors out to the back deck on the left (laundry room) and right (kitchen).


View standing in the living room looking at the dining room.


View looking to the front of the house, office to the left and entryway to the right through the opening.  Stairs will go in after floor for 2nd story is in.


View looking towards the living room from approx. where the kitchen island will be.  The doorway looking opening is really the opening for the fireplace.


5 thoughts on “1st Floor Done

  1. Jackie Carroll

    Great tour, Nik!!! I saw the plans such a long time ago that I forgot the layout so it was fun to get a visual. Wow…it’s moving right along! Oh so very exciting!!! Can’t wait to see it in person next week…but more excited to see YOU in person next week…lol

  2. Christina

    It all looks super oober exciting! Progress is so great!!!! I can’t wait to come and see it in person!!!! The count down is on 4 1/2 weeks from now we will walk those floors with you.

  3. Niki Post author

    I’m so darn excited to spend a long weekend with you guys and to show you the house!! And then excited for it to be finished and to have you all come stay for the first time. The thought of that makes me giddy!


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