Best Progress Yet



We have walls!!!!  Can I get an hallelujah?? And the best part is that everything is coming together to be even better than we expected or imagined. The rooms are sizing out to be the perfect size (the outlines are drawn on the floors, even though you really can’t see in the picture) and the windows are HUGE!  Like, so huge they might be overkill…but I’m so excited to have a light and bright house.

In other news, we purchased our stove over the weekend, a bit early because of a sale that was going on at Idlers offering a free hood with the purchase of our particular brand of stove.  Here she is:

30-MASTER-SERIES-ENTRY-VERSION1.CROPPEDjpg1-467x343She is a Bertazzoni 30″ Master Series Gas Stove and she is Italian and quite sexy if you ask me!  And she promises to make beautiful meals for all of our family and friends (and us!).

Also picked up a wine fridge while we were there to keep our nicer wine safe and sound while it’s waiting to be drank:

Wine Coolers_FFWC38F6LS-m

I promise this is the last of the anemic “we have a porta potty!” or “we have walls!” posts…but up until this stage in the game, everything (even a temporary toilet) has seemed like a huge leap of progress:)


4 thoughts on “Best Progress Yet

  1. Jackie Carroll

    Here comes another…HALLELUJAH!!! lol. Very, very cool!!! And yeah…that little stove is quite sexy…

  2. Mama

    I second that HALLELUJAH!!! lol We went by last night and I thought the rooms looked plenty big and yes lots of windows courtesy of the window guy!!!!


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