Thoughts on Space

When we were originally thinking about how we wanted our house to feel and flow and function for us way back in October, we really surprised ourselves with what we came up with.  We both kind of gravitated to allocating the majority of the space to the “workhorse” areas of the house such as the kitchen, laundry room, and closets and then also to areas such as the porch and entryway, which really don’t serve much functional purpose at all but give a home that certain old-timey cool feeling.  There is just something about an entryway with an exposed staircase that gets my heart going.  It almost seems counter intuitive to allocate the space in the way we choose, because you do spend a majority of time in the living room  and bedrooms; however, we felt that in those times, you wanted to be cozy and close and that the more room we had in those areas, the more “stuff” we would need to make it feel lived in.  We also wanted to alleviate as much stress and clutter as possible and having plenty of room to spread out and do the laundry and a plenty of room to put the clean clothes away just sounded so nice. I really hope we made good decisions for a functional home that works with us and not against us and I really hope that our living room isn’t too small, lol.

Here are some of our inspirations for a house that combines function with form:


entry kitchen 2 kitchen laundry roomcubbies

kida bath

master bath 2 master bath


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Space

  1. Mama

    This is exactly how I am picturing your home. I think you were smart to make your work areas so functional. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

  2. Jackie Carroll

    If I was ever to build my “dream house” which is now scaled back to be my “dream travel trailer”, I would totally allocate the bulk of my space to those “workhorse” areas. Not having any normal sized closets for the past 17yrs I crave huge areas of organized storage space…LOL And I totally have “garage envy” like there’s no tomorrow! And you might find this mildly amusing…I still have plans I purchased from Better Homes and Gardens in 1995 for the “Ultimate Laundry Room” that included an Herb & Flower Drying Rack, Work Bench/Home Office, Gift Wrapping & Craft Center, Recycling Center, Dry Sink Potting Area, Laundry Facilities (inclusive of the sorting center, folding counter, dry clothes rods, tilt-out storage, and lint disposal bins), and a Ventilated Kitty House (although I didn’t have a Kitty back then it seemed cool…lol). I’m such a sucker for “functional” things like that. Seriously though, in thinking out the best use of space…I think you nailed it!!! Love the pics too…great ideas!

    1. Niki Post author

      Ooo you just might have to share those plans with me!! That all sounds pretty much perfect! I miss you so much Jack!! XOXOXOX

      1. Jackie Carroll

        Sure thing…there are some clever ideas. I miss you so much too, Nik!!! Only 2 yrs, 11 months, and 14 days till I can retire…but who’s counting??? XOXOXOX

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