House Update


We’ve had some pretty interesting “progress” this week! I’m pretty deliriously happy to even get to type “progress” in a sentence involving our future house and its been so fun to go by every evening and check things out.  This weeks “progress” has involved ginormous holes in the ground and the adjacent giant pile of dirt that comes with the giant holes.  These holes were mysteriously in different spots on the lot each evening.  It’s pretty much a mystery to Sean and I as to whats actually going on although were told that all of this work is done to evenly compact the dirt.  We were told it would take a week to adequately grade/compact the dirt/make random giant holes and then fill them in and it actually came in almost right on schedule plus one day. So we are officially finished grading!  Today, the mason comes in and will start preparing the forms for the foundation walls and within a week or so, we should have the makings of a foundation.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Please excuse the sub-par iPhone pictures, the lighting was weird and I couldn’t get good pictures to save my life.


2 thoughts on “House Update

  1. Jackie Carroll

    I drove by your lot before I left for home and sort of thought the “ginormous” holes and piles of dirt seemed odd…now I know what that was all about! OOOOOh…so fun to see “progress”!!!!!


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