Self Improvement Project

I am beginning to realize that I have lost a bit of my groove.  I mean, life is seriously good, I have no real honest to goodness complaints.  Just a little bit of life, laziness, and lack of routine have taken their toll over the past couple of years and I want to be the best version of myself for a multitude of reasons.  I am taking a pro-active approach to finding said groove and finding it fast.

Here’s my plan:

-Take time to pursue things that interest me.  Last night I started a “flower arranging from the home garden” class and I was kid on the first day of the school year excited and it totally lived up to my expectations!  Me and the adorable 60ish year old lady I sat with walked to our cars cooing about how nice it was to do something totally for fun and random and that was all for us.  Next up I really want to learn to play the banjo!  And you know what, I am going to.

flower arrangement-Slow down.  I think I need to do more yoga or find my center or something because I always have about 20 bruises and cuts and bumps from banging into things throughout the day.  I’m moving too fast, not taking my time to enjoy the act.  Even if its as simple as getting a roll of paper towels from the laundry room, I am acting in too much of a hurry and its draining.

-Get in shape & push my exercise comfort zone.  I know that this is cliche and this is by no means meant to be read as “get skinny for summer.”  I want to be strong and fit and capable.  My sister, Sean and I have been running the same loop from where we currently live, to the site of the house we’re building, up a couple hills and down a couple hills and through the village and back to our house and we recently found out that it is 3.5 miles! I am so NOT  runner and its still really really hard but I’m doing it! Boom! I want to take this further though and push myself.  I am aiming for being able to run 5 miles by the end of summer.

running shoes

-Drink one (read: one!) glass of wine a day.  For health, of course.

-Eat clean and eat for long term health (most of the time).  Up until very recently I had been a vegetarian (but ate fish) for about 5 years and lately I have really been re-thinking my dietary choices and putting a focus on local and seasonal foods.  I still don’t eat much meat but I’ve actually been feeling physically better eating the occasional free range chicken breast.  I am looking so forward to living literally 20 steps from the local farmers market once our house is finished!!

I hope you guys will keep me accountable!


7 thoughts on “Self Improvement Project

  1. Mama

    You bet we will keep each other accountable. Yoga Saturday at the Edge at 10:45? Go online and sign up for the class OK

  2. Fiona

    Well, running 3.5 miles is really good! I started doing crossfit and the weightlifting part really helped me ton up pretty fast. The stomach area, after 2 kids 20 months apart, may be a lost cause but I have thigh muscles! lol

    1. Niki Post author

      I’ve been wanting to try crossfit! I’d heard nothing but great things about it and best of all, that it’s super quick, which is so nice!

  3. Jackie Carroll

    That flower arrangement is so sweet…how fun! You’ve got creative chops like your mom.

    3.5 miles right out of the gate…that’s great, Nik! You’ll get to 5 miles in no time. And you nailed the perfect motivation for the “self-improvement”…to be strong and fit and capable. I’m gonna steal that mantra for myself! And that is a darn honest and insightful assessment you made there…very balanced. You’ve inspired me…thanks!!!


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