Timing is everything.


If i have learned one thing from my 20s, and the 20s associated rat race, it is that timing is EVERYTHING.  That and that God is great, beer (and wine) is good, and people are crazy!  This makes it seem as though everything you need to learn in your 20s can be learned by listening to country music…

Anyhow, back to timing… Timing has saved our butts so so many times.  Protected us from ourselves. Kept us from making huge mistakes.  Caused us to make some mistakes that turned out to not be mistakes at all.  If we had gotten everything that we thought we wanted when we wanted it, I don’t even know where we’d be right now.  We probably would have lost a house or worse.  My husband would probably still be trapped in a sales job he hated. I might’ve not gotten the experience I needed in a bigger city and would have had a really hard time getting my first break in my small town.  I had this revelation yesterday that this opportunity to build a house is way more than I ever even hoped for.  Six months ago I wanted to so desperately to buy a 2 bedroom house built in 1889 that was basically falling down for 75k more than they were asking for it!  Thank God timing had my  back on that one.

The take home here is that I am so thankful that things worked out the way they did and that the timing all came together for us to build this house.  My mom and Brian and Sean and I were just talking about how the market has already changed so much in just 6 months that we didn’t think we’d have been able to do this if we were starting to look for lots today. Weird right?

Did I mention my mom & step-dad (to be referred to as Brian from  here on out) started building?!?  They did.  I am going to post about their lot and progress ASAP.


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