Falling in love all over again.

Were getting so close guys!  So close.  I am hopeful that by the end of the month there will have been some work done on the lot.  At the very least, hopefully the forest of weeds will be gone.  We close on our loan in a couple days & the city is working on our final plan check revisions. Eeeeeeeee!!!!

Now that the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end is near, I am getting excited all over again about the things that made us fall in love with our little lot in the first place:

The opportunity to have a nice back deck with a little view of the downtown area where we can entertain and watch the sun go down with a glass of wine in the evenings!

outdoor entertaining

The proximity to the farmers market one block away and the cute market basket possibilities that go along with said proximity:)

bike basketHaving a safe place for our kitties to roam a little outside and bask in the sunlight of the big windows we have planned inside.  I could spend an hour just daydreaming about our kitties sitting on the ledge of the dutch doors staring outside….its gonna be so presh!

catPretty darn excited to have a couple cozy rooms to offer to our friends and family who come to visit in place of the couch and/or motorhome accommodations we currently have to offer.  Pretty sure said friends/family are with me on this one!

guest bedroom

The biggest and best thing about the lot is how close it is to my family.  We are basically down the street from my mom and stepdad (who are also building a house!!!) and even closer to my dad’s house.  My best friend is about a mile away…walk to met in the middle for coffee distance perfection.  For those of you who aren’t friends and family and are reading this, two years ago my husband and I moved from a couple hours away back to my hometown.  We love it here and we’ve always known we wanted to end up in this little pocket of the world.  It’s so magical, I cant even explain it. Sadly, we are now a couple hours away from the other half of the people that we love.  This grates on my heart but this is also where the guestrooms come in.


6 thoughts on “Falling in love all over again.

  1. Mama

    I love reading your blog sweetie!!! I am so happy that our homes will be so close to each other and I can’t wait for us both to break ground finally! Some champagne needs to be poured when that happens! Love you, Mama

  2. Jackie Carroll

    How fun that you will be in walking distance to so many places! I can see it now…having your little munchkins in tow in a cute little wagon…taking them to Doc Bernstein’s for a special ice cream treat… Ooh, guess I’m getting a little ahead of things here…need to get the house built first…lol! Absolutely sooooooo excited for you and Sean!!!

  3. Niki

    Jackie, I only have one revision to your vision and that is that you and Jenna and mom and I and the kids all got coffee beforehand and after ice cream were going antiquing:)


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