Making Do

If there is one thing I have loved seeing over the course of this looooong recession, it’s the sense of making do with what one has that I’ve seen people (in real life & in blogland) adopting a lot more frequently.  Picture perfect catalog type rooms have been replaced with rooms filled with found objects and diy projects.  And you know what?  I have found that I enjoy the latter much much more!  Borne out of necessity, I think people are getting more creative, more industrious, and more stylish on a tight budget.

Here are just a couple of my favorite “making do” projects:

More gorgeous than the most lavish of ice buckets.


Who doesn’t have an old hose or two lying around?


Sweet DIY letterpress stationary using mushrooms.


Re-purposed palletes & crates become lovely shelving with a little elbow grease.


Hand-stamped tea towels cost about the same to make as a piece of nice wrapping paper runs and last forever (er, a long time!).


Puts everything at Petco to shame!   Bonus: Cheap vintage suitcases are super easy to find in thrift stores, especially in less than perfect condition.


A family heirloom for the price of a 2×4 and some black paint.



2 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. Polyvorina

    I agree with everything you say here. And I am so impressed with that “make-do” ice bucket! Definitely more beautiful than any buckets you can buy out there.


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