On Dreams


You may have noticed from the content of my blog that I am a bit of a dreamer.  In my opinion, having dreams, big dreams, is a fulfilling part of life.  Just asking yourself what you want out of life forces you to discover the things that you should put at the forefront of your life right now.

I always have been a dreamer & the content of my dreams hasn’t strayed much from when I was a kid.  My dreams then were, in this order: 1) be a doctor 2) own a hotel so I could swim in the pool.  It never occurred to me that if I was a doctor, I could probably have a pool of my very own:)  While I no longer have aspirations of being a doctor (my sis will hopefully fulfill that dream for me), my dreams of owning a hotel or restaurant and having a pool to swim in are solidly in tact.

The most important things in the world to me are the safety, happiness, and health of all my family and friends.  If everyone I love, including our future children, get to live long, fulfilling, faith-filled lives, then all of my real dreams will have been fulfilled.  I also have some shorter range goals such as buying a home, traveling & going on adventures with my husband, building up my blog and Etsy shop, working on my photography skills,  and growing a garden that are important to me. The meat of this blog post, however, are dreams of the wildest variety.  These are the really fun, frivolous, motivating, crazy dreams!

Here are my dreams (don’t laugh, they are lofty):

1) Go to culinary school & also get my masters in sustainable agriculture/agribusiness.

2) Start an organic farm/restaurant/winery/microbrewery – Basically a restaurant where everything on the menu is either grown, raised, or made in house or sourced from local companies.  Attached to this dream is to possibly open up a small hotel or group of cabins and offer farming/wine making camps.

3) Open up a little shop full of vintage and handmade or local artisan goodies.  I want it to be the kind of place where you would go knowing 100% you could find a birthday gift for your best friend.

4) Start a shelter for families that have a strong desire to provide for themselves but do not have the means to get there.  We would provide an address to put down on job applications, resume and interview counseling, professional clothing, & most importantly the stability (place to sleep, warm food) to allow the family to focus on getting on their own two (or four, or six, or eight, or…) feet.  After they find employment, we would also help them to find housing and provide references.

5) I still want that POOL!

What are your wildest dreams?


3 thoughts on “On Dreams

  1. Christina @Revupthepassion

    My Dreams you say?
    They have always been simple. Get married have kids and enjoy every second with them.
    I’ve been lucky that those dreams have come true, times have been tough over the last few years but I do my best to enjoy the moments we have.
    I do have other dreams a list a mile long but those will have to stay and day dreams for now.

  2. Kate

    You could always open your gift shop at your winery and put up/employ people looking to get back on their feet. Sounds like a great plan to me! My dreams are all over the place- I always wanted to be a good wife and mother, I hope to go back to school one day to get an advanced degree in Literature, I wish I could find more time to go thrifting and refurbish furniture into a fabulous business and I too would absolutely love to do something with a winery! Great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Polyvorina

    I love this post! I’m a big dreamer too. I’d say my wildest one would probably be wanting to inhabit my own little self-sustaining neighborhood with all my friends and family. We talk about our little “commune” all the time, lol! Your #4 is really touching! What a very selfless person you are. 🙂


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