Doily DIY: 5 Cute Projects

DIY instructions here

DIY instructions here

Unless you can read German, you will need to do a quick Google translating.  Once in your own language, the process appears  surprisingly simple, and the materials are available for pretty cheap on Amazon; however, I haven’t spotted the plaster in any of my local craft stores.

Via: Pinterest

No instructions for this one but I figure the process is basically the following: Find some vintage doilies (or new doilies), determine your layout, and carefully tack stitch them together.

Availiable here

No instructions for this one either but from other DIY doily rug tutorials I have read , you just need to find a doily pattern you like and follow it with heavy cotton cording and either a giant crochet hook or your fingers.  I’m hoping to finally tackle this type of a project soon and do a step-by-step tutorial for the blog.

DIY instructions here

This is more of a holiday project but, hey, it’s never too early to plan for the holidays!


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