Cheeky Weekly: 10 Cute Things

1) cheeky coin purse:

made by Rebecca Minkoff

2) cheeky display of endearing love

via: Pinterest

3) cheeky hair-do

4) cheeky thread spool wreath

via: kellystreetvintage (but it’s sadly sold)

5) cheeky diy project:

instructions here

6) cheeky baby giraffe

via: Pinterest

7) cheeky outfit


cheeky take on a bloomin’ onion that I want to make & eat ASAP:

via: the girl who ate everything

9) cheekiest bathroom floor ever

via: deco chic

10) my cheeky sister whose birthday it is today:

Happy Birthday Jenners!


5 thoughts on “Cheeky Weekly: 10 Cute Things

  1. Polyvorina

    So much I love about this post! The old people are adorable! Those DIY shorts are getting pinned! And that bread is getting made TONIGHT! I’ll leave my chevron flooring to another day however. 😉


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