Thrift Thursday

Went to a new thrift store last night and it blew my mind.  Giant!  I only had about 45 minutes until they closed and I just wandered in a dreamlike state for the first 20 or so.  Finally, I snapped out of it and made some purchasing decisions for both myself & the shop and and managed to snap a couple pictures of things I didn’t take home but kinda fell in love with.  P.S. Those cowboy boots were SO SO TINY!  So cute!


4 thoughts on “Thrift Thursday

  1. Polyvorina

    I love how the top 2 pics match – the painting and the glass (vase?). Funny the places we can find such inspiration, eh? I also love those green dessert cups! I’d go back for those if I were you. 😉

  2. Niki Post author

    I loved those too but they were all a little pricey! And I’m kinda a cheapskate when it comes to thrifting. I like to see $.69 and $.39 more than I do $2.99 or 4.99:)

  3. Lee

    I am SO with ya girl! I like the cheappppp thrifts! We have an awesome thrift store here that I go to constantly, and it is always PACKED with people and goodies 🙂


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