Thrift Thursday

I’m going to try to start posting some of the things that I find but pass on at the thrift stores as part of a weekly (or as often as possible) feature.  First installment isn’t too incredibly exciting but I took some pictures so I figured I would share.

The orange on this lamp was a super pretty coral/blush color in person. Overpriced at $25.

Cool coffee table with a reverse-Moroccan sort of shape.  $55

Two-tiered side table.  Somewhat mid-century in design. $25

Amazing shape, bad smell, ridiculous price.  $180

Sweet rattan chair if it were life size…but alas, it’s mini:(

Call me crazy but there was something oddly appealing about this canvas painting. $4

Adorable little school desk.  Still thinking about going back for this one. $35

Retro mid-century ice bucket.  Leather, acrylic, and brass (and by that I mean pleather, plastic, and aluminum painted a brass color).  $4.50


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