Etsy Finds: The Perfect Straw Bag

On the top of my list of things to add to my spring & summer rotation, along with a felt floppy hat & huaracha sandals, is the perfect little straw bag.

Some of my faves (all from etsy cause I think vintage is the way to go here, newer versions look cheapy/cheesy to me):

Via: thegreedyseagull

Via: TheGoodVintageCo

Via: SallyLuvRose

Via: SkinnyandBernie

Via: wyomingrose

Via: thevintagehatbox


3 thoughts on “Etsy Finds: The Perfect Straw Bag

  1. Polyvorina

    Now I want a straw bag too! I thought I wanted that SallyLuvRose one, but then I kept scrolling. I want the next 2 as well. 🙂 Great bags! Maybe one of them will end up your ”no longer wishing: volume 2!” 😉


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