No Longer Wishing: Volume 1

I celebrated my birthday last weekend and I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for everything everyone did to make it special.  I had friends and family drive hours to celebrate with me & everyone adopted a “rain or shine” mentality towards the weekend (which was supposed to be spent camping).  It was hilarious, and muddy, and wet, and precious!

I also was gifted with some pretty awesome presents and I thought it would be fun to do a little post to feature some of the more design-centered ones.

First up: My sweet sweet aunt saw here on the blog that I had been “Wishing For” a reproduction Bertoia chair for our desk.  I screamed out loud when I finally realized what she had gotten me (I was trying to guess based off a couple clues she gave me)!  Is such a classic chair and I love the way it’s clean metal lines  contrasts with the roughed up finish of our desk.


4 thoughts on “No Longer Wishing: Volume 1

  1. Gina

    Happy Belated Birthday! thank you for your lovely comments, it reminded me I need to come by and visit more often, I have been slacking!!

  2. Jackie Carroll

    Wow…the chair looks absolutely perfect with your desk! You have such a great eye for style. I got as much of a kick giving you the chair as you got getting the chair! That was a FUN party, Niki!


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